Vision from August 2, 2005

Dear brothers and sisters,
In the night from the first to the second of August, following the day of prayer for Switzerland, I had several dreams.

The first dream was very powerful, very real: I saw something hit the earth.
It was like the earth was taken out of the axis. Many Christians thought: “Nothing can happen to us, we are under the protection of the LORD”, but they were all taken away through the “Tsunamis”. First I also wanted to think in that manner, but my husband urged me that we should run; we just ran somewhere. Suddenly JESUS came; He  stood in front of us as the General and he gave us  instructions. I saw how my husband  and I and JESUS sat together and the LORD gave instructions to us; instructions to where, how and what …. It was overwhelming. I can’t remember any word but I believe when the time is coming, He’ll speak again.

At the end of the dream I was singing: “watch, pray, heal and deliver, be on fire in the spirit, for the bridegroom is coming!” When I woke up, the impression in me, that the spiritual world is in enormous movement was so strong! It is a military camp before the battle! I can not pass on this impression with words. After the last dream something was singing in me: ”Let the fire burn in me, let the fire burn in me …

Dear brothers and sisters, why did so many Christians get swept away by the Tsunami in my dream, why will so many be killed? First of all, each of us has his own responsibility to search the LORD, to read HIS word and to do it and to know GOD. Secondly it is the responsibility of the leaders to preach the gospel so clearly, that the people are shocked at the state they are in and repent. Over the last years and decades the “soft gospel” has been preached: Love, love, love … the sword won’t strike us!

Priests and prophets were leading the people astray, now that the bombs are exploding, the Tsunamis are coming, catastrophes are happening some speak  about the shocks. When we were warning already ten years ago, we were called false prophets; legalistic and negative and people still think the same about us! That is why the LORD says: Behold I want to lay hands on the prophets and the priests who did not warn my people.

On the day of prayer, on the first of August, I had the impression that the people did not really respond to the warnings of the LORD (Message of Erich Reber). How could they? If you feed somebody over the years with sugar and then suddenly you show him the hammer, he can not bear it!

That is why the LORD says:
The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.

Catherine, a maiden of Jesus Christ